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APPROVED FEMALES:  Only females with  AKC or CKC registration , OFA approved hips (good or excellent), and eyes approved by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist will be bred.   A current, negative brucellosis test is required.

BREEDING ARRANGEMENTS: It is advisable to check with your DVM for optimal times to breed your female if you have not bred her before.  We encourage cytology to determine more accurately when your female is ovulating.  With natural breeding, there will be a maximum of three attempts for ties.  

PAYMENT (Natural Breeding): Stud fee is $600.00 to approved females.  Upon successful breeding, $100 of the stud fee to be paid to stud owner up front (nonrefundable).  Upon succesful whelping of puppies, the balance of the stud fee is due as follows:  (1) if less than 5 puppies are whelped, Stud owner agrees to adjust the stud fee to $100 for each puppy whelped; (2) if 5 or more puppies are whelped, the remaining $500 is due to Stud owner.  If no puppies are born during the first attempt, the stud owner will offer a second breeding at no initial cost; if puppies are whelped during the second attempt, the above conditions apply for the fee balance due to Stud owner.

LITTER REGISTRATION:  The balance of the Stud fee should be sent to the Stud owner between the time the pups are whelped and four weeks of age along with the completed AKC Litter Registration and AKC Litter Registration fee.  If you don't have a litter registration, you can get one from the AKC website.

AIRPORTS:  Females should be shipped to either Eugene or Portland, Oregon.  However, given recent increases in both prices and restrictions for flying animals, it is recommended that you at least consider using fresh or frozen semen or driving for a natural breeding.

LOCAL COSTS:  If the female is shipped, there is a mileage fee ($0.34/mi.) for pickup and return to Portland airport and a daily cost for boarding (first 5 days free) in addition to the stud fee.  There are no local fees if owner brings female and cares for her.  Please call or e-mail for specifics, as they will vary with each individual's situation.

FRESH SEMEN:  Fresh semen can be drawn and shipped upon request.  Female's owner will incur all costs for drawing semen and vet fees (about $110) and shipping of fresh semen ($45-50 for overnight), in addition to the stud fee.  It is sometimes difficult to arrange for and ship fresh chilled semen, as timing is critical.  Please call well in advance to arrange for fresh semen.  

FROZEN SEMEN:  Frozen semen is available at the International Canine Semen Bank in Portland, Oregon.  Due to the cost and time involved in processing and storing frozen semen and performing an artificial insemination, there are several charges the female owner will incur for this process.  There is a $100 nonrefundable fee for extraction, processing, and storage per vial (paid to stud owner in addition to stud fee).  You will be responsible for all shipping and handling fees of semen to you and the return of equipment (about $250-300, paid directly to the facility).  Your local DVM also will charge for surgery to implant.  Frozen semen will only be released when there is a receiving DVM that is experienced and has had prior success implanting frozen semen (ICSB has a nationwide list of specialists available).  Simply thawing and inserting such as typically done with fresh chilled is not sufficient!!  The stud fee is $500/vial (one vial is normally sufficient).  Call to discuss further details.

CONTACT US: Please e-mail at to discuss specifics.  If breeding is approved, then you should notify us immediately on the first day of the heat cycle.

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